What happens in meditation?

Imagine meditation to be like an exercise in the gym! In the gym, you train your muscles with certain tools and exercises, in that specific environment. Meditation is similar, except the gym is your body, and the feelings and sensations arising in your body and mind. The tools are the techniques that help to train the brain, and to exercise neural pathways.

Brain training

Such meditation practices include monitoring your respiration, contemplation (monitoring the contents of consciousness) and the monitoring of body sensations as well.

The training of the brain is necessary because it is one of the most important organs. The effectiveness of the operation of the brain can greatly contribute to how we feel in our bodies, how creative we are, how we react to conflict situations, or even how we solve problems.

Meditation is a technique for thousands of years. You can start practising meditation using the audio content of the website. If you practise continuously and systematically, you can experience the beneficial effects on yourself. If you would like to better absorb the theory of the technique, you can buy books from the webshop of the website. For the real experience we suggest a 10-day Vipassana retreat, which you can do in various places around the world.

You find more information about this on the www.dhamma.org site.