Relaxation is a common name for all those methods which use physical exercises and excercises which slow down the nervous system, and where we achieve a relaxing, balanced well-being.

Practice Stress-M Relax audio exercise

Relaxation reduces anxiety, stress hormone levels, and the pulse and blood pressure. The blood flow increases in the capilla ries of the limbs, digestive processes become active, cholesterol level decreases, and immune responses harmonise.

In this section, we combined elements of yoga and autogenic training. This is because we wanted to reach an inner state of rest and relaxation, and a quick and effective refreshment with the help of our awareness of body sensations. Exercise at work after lunch everyday, can help to overcome the post-lunch sleepiness, and this exercise is equivalent to a nap after lunch.

We envy mediterranean people for their siesta habit, when they often have a nap in the afternoon. It is an innate need, since our energy level is the lowest around one o’clock after lunch, which is the middle of the 24-hour daily cycle.

Our rest requirement increases, so if you can sleep a little after lunch, it could be really helpful! This not only prolongs wakefulness in the evening, above all it improves concentration for our tasks during the afternoon (concentration and creative abilities can increase up to 30 percent). It has a calming effect on the nervous system and on our well-being as well.

Give it a try!
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