Basic Exercise IV: Presence

This last exercise completes the meditation exercises. This technique can be very helpful to stop everyday mental overload and to help you make difficult decisions as well.

First of all, try to do this exercise in a place where there are strong noises and sounds around you. Long ago it was said “the marketplace is the best place for meditation exercise”.


It is also important that you use this consciously for problem-solving and solving conflicts. In an emotionally tense state, the mind freezes. But an objective, unemotional contemplation of things, gives an independent, non-involved perspective, which helps lead to the best solution.

Monitoring your breathing restores your normal state. Contemplating, labeling and releasing the content of consciousness helps to leave the situation. Monitoring body sensations makes you aware of the pattern, which appears in the body in similar situations. Monitoring the external environment, and the objective and unemotional monitoring of the impact of the environment on body sensations, can switch off the automatic way you responded to these situations before.

We wish you good practice and don’t give up!
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