Basic exercise III: Progressive Relaxation

Today people live in their minds, they are less conscious of their body and the stimuli which their body generates.The physical sensations and stimuli are generated continuously and then disappear, but if we start to pay attention to them, they provide tremendous assistance in the development of our consciousness.

Intense emotional experiences from early childhood are stored in our bodies, each experience is stored in a different way, and it varies between individuals as well. For example we get butterflies in our stomach, feelings of lumps in our throat, or we may experience palpitations. These patterns are triggered in similar situations as an adult, and appear with the same feelings which were established in childhood.

If we consciously monitor the body’s sensations, we become aware of these patterns. If we observe sensations and feelings objectively and unemotionaly, these blocks can be removed. This technique will help you to unlearn reactions which you learned in childhood, and which became automatic as an adult. With regular practice, your quality of life will increase in terms of being sensitive to internal stimuli.

Awareness helps us to realise what we really need in this world, what can make us happy and help our development. The observation of internal body sensations creates inner peace. We can create this gradually and we need to develop it continuously.

Progressive relaxation exercise is here to help us!

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