Basic exercise II: Contemplation

Our thinking or mental working is extremely active, and it is sometimes overwhelming. We think a lot about events, problems, situations to solve etc.


This mental content is extremely diverse because we do lots of things during the day. In human relationships, from the various situations and roles, we develop different relationship dynamics (conflicts, relationships, situations, and of course a lot of fun too). In addition to this, a lot of stimuli come from the environment (sounds, smells, visual information). This wide range of stimuli creates a fully automatic, subconscious, mental activity to which we get so accustomed, that we feel strange if there is no noise or other stimulation around us.

However, this constant mental activity consumes a lot of time and energy, and is sometimes so intense, that it does not stop even at night, when calm is needed for rest and regeneration. This results in various mental disorders, which are the brain’s natural defence mechanisms.

How can we handle and control this? Awareness helps a lot in this, monitoring and labeling our mental content and processes.

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