Individual stress test

When a negative event, conflict, or accident happens to us, we think about it many times afterwards – we replay the story again and again.
We try to find solutions which would have helped us to avoid, or better resolve the situation.

In the questionnaire, by answering the 125 questions, you have a similar possibilty to consider different situations and their solutions.


We ask about possible life situations and potential psycho-social risks. We ask about the “Objective” (fact-based) evaluation of specific events, and we also ask about the subjective / emotional experience of the situation.

We examine the individual stress effects from the responses given, and the organisational stress factors related to work, work community and job satisfaction.

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The result of the work stress test gives feedback in percentages, in tabular form, about the individual’s current state of health, the effects of stress and the individual’s characteristics and habits. (Time required to complete the questionnaire is approximately 20-25 minutes)

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Once completed, with the help of the information, tools, and audio materials etc. on this site, we offer solutions for health-conscious lifestyle.